We all have at least one friend who’s a “Screaming Mimi”.

You know, someone that makes everything all about them?

  • What they want.
  • What they like.
  • What they think.

Their favorite words are generally, “me” and “I”. And when they don’t get their way, or someone isn’t paying enough attention to them, you’ll surely hear about it. That’s why I call them “Screaming Mimi”s.

“Me, me, me, me, me.” All day. All night. Every day. Every occasion.

These people are particularly difficult to deal with. It’s impossible to maintain a relationship with them because it’s entirely one-sided. There’s no give and take, and there’s no keeping them happy. You can’t win. So, you eventually just give up.

Can I be perfectly honest for a minute? For a long time, I’ve felt this way about too many Protestant churches. Not that the organizations themselves are Screaming Mimis, but that they’re raising up a new generation of Screaming Mimis.

Think about it: Everything in today’s culture already tells us that everything is all about us. That’s why we have Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat and a whole slew of other social media that I’m too old to be familiar with.

Look at me! Look at what I’m doing! Look at how pretty I am! Like me! Love me! Share me!

Everything is all about what we want, how we want it, when we want it, and how to perfectly customize it to fit our needs.

So, why should church be any different? Let’s just cater to everyone’s demands and expectations! If we want to get people in the door OF COURSE we should make it all about them!

  • What kind of music would you prefer? Rock? Hip-hop? Something secular that could possibly, maybe have something to do with God? (We don’t want to make you uncomfortable with too much Jesus music.)
  • Would you like a light show and a fog machine with your music?
  • How about refreshments? What can we get you to make your stay more comfortable? Coffee? Tea? A peppermint mocha frappuccino?
  • Tired of sitting behind someone who’s blocking your view of the speaker? We’ll just add some big screen TVs. Build our sanctuary with stadium style seating.
  • How about the sermon? We don’t want you feeling judged, so what would you like to talk about? Your life? Your needs? Maybe something in the self improvement genre? We’ll see what we can do.

How’s that? You comfortable? You good? Are you satisfied enough to give a little bit of attention to God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth? No? Well, what else can we get you? We’re just so desperately glad you’re here!

Good. Grief. Is this a hotel chain or a house of worship? Certainly, we’re not here to worship God. God hasn’t even been mentioned or given a nod since we got in the door. WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE, PEOPLE?!

Am I the only one who finds this behavior endlessly absurd? (That’s a legitimate question, peeps. Because I might be.) When I’ve talked to fellow Protestants about my objections regarding many Protestant worship services, I’m accused of being “too judgmental”, “too legalistic”, “too exclusive”.

I’m sorry. Um… WHAT?

If we’re here to worship God; if we’re here to honor and glorify Him on this ONE DAY of the ENTIRE WEEK when we actually TAKE THE TIME TO EVEN NOTICE HIM… shouldn’t we make it about HIM? And NOT US?! Is that really such an absurd proposition?

That’s probably the biggest thing that attracts me to the Catholic Mass. Everything is about Him. AS IT SHOULD BE. Our thoughts, our attentions, our desires, our failings, our longings, our needs, our intentions… Everything is put on hold while we direct everything toward Him (Our Father. God Almighty. Creator of Heaven and Earth) in loving sacrifice.

Is that really so much to ask?