There’s something about the Catholic faith that requires more of a person; holds them to a higher standard.

I’ve been noticing a worrisome trend in too many Protestant churches – this idea of “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

Don’t get me wrong – it’s an important rule to live by, and a necessary statute. But too many churches have taken that to mean, “Don’t correct anyone’s behavior. That’s not our place. That authority only belongs to God.”

Well, okay. Yes, God is the ultimate authority. God is the ultimate judge. But… that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t correct one another in love; exhort one another to live Godly lives. If we are unable to correct and exhort one another; if we can’t encourage each other to live rightly so that our actions and words and thoughts glorify and honor God… then how are furthering God’s kingdom here on earth? If we’re not allowed to say anything, then we all become complacent and lazy. “God doesn’t care. God’s grace abounds. God loves us despite our flaws.” Suddenly grace and “Christian charity” becomes an excuse to not live up to our full potential.

That’s one thing I hugely admire about the Catholic faith. It requires more of a person. It holds them to a higher standard. It’s not afraid to exhort and correct when necessary. God’s grace isn’t an excuse to be lazy and take the path of least resistance. It’s a reason to strive for holiness and righteousness – because God’s grace is a gift! A beautiful, wonderful gift that we should cherish – not misuse and abuse.

Just something to think about…