Ah, Mother’s Day. That most painful of all Hallmark-created holidays for the motherless and childless. And if you find yourself fitting into both of those categories, it can be the most dreaded holiday of all.

Unlike Valentine’s Day, where you can always find someone to spread the love too… (even if it’s just your neighbor down the block)… both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day oftentimes serve as an ugly reminder of not only what has been lost, but dreams that have never been fulfilled.

Thanks, Hallmark.

Okay, I’m kidding. I’m really not that jaded by Mother’s Day… but I can promise you I won’t be touching social media with a 10 foot pole for the next 2 days. It’s exhausting. Picture after post after touching tribute of Mother-Daughter-Son-Husband love. Ooey-gooey gushiness oozing all over your news feed.

Yes, your children are beautiful.

Yes, your mother is amazing.

Yes, your wife is a warrior and champion of all that is right with the world.





Oddly enough, despite all the joy, it’s both emotionally draining and depressing.

Not that I resent all the happy, shiny people out there with amazing moms and children. I’m genuinely happy for them. Family is a cornerstone of our faith. Family is the best thing this side of heaven. But, when you’re without, you realize just how much you’re missing out on.

SO, to avoid the bottomless pit of despair that can sometimes accompany this holiday, I’ll be praying for those amazing moms out there – to continue mom-ing to the best of their ability, to keep fighting the good fight, and to shine with Christ’s light and love to all His children. I’ll be praying that ALL the mothers out there – spiritual OR biological – will be strengthened with His love, joy, and peace on this day… and that those without children to mother will recognize in themselves the spiritual motherhood they offer to all those around them. And the rest of the day I’ll stay curled up with my Father, celebrating Mother’s Day and thanking Him for the mother He has been and always will be to me.