Remember that time I was all, “I’m going to write a post every other day!” and then I didn’t? Yeah, sometimes I struggle with follow-through. But I’m working on it, I promise. In the meantime, here’s my latest post.

I have a question.

How many of you out there are the kind, compassionate, merciful, long-suffering type of Christian?

You know, the type that is always there with a listening ear, an open heart and a loving response.

The kind that always responds patiently and kindly and with Christ’s love.

The kind of Christians we’re supposed to be.

Because I have a confession to make…

I am so not.

Depending on the person, or the circumstance, I can go from being filled with Christ’s love to complete exasperation and frustration in one second flat.

It usually goes something like this…

Friend: I’ve been struggling with such and such and it’s the same such and such I’ve been struggling with since the last time we talked and I’m still struggling with it because it’s all just such a struggle and I’m so helpless.


giphy-downsized pull yourself together
You are a child of God! Pull yourself together, man!

When in reality I should be all…

giphy-downsized empathy

I get it… some people are more feelers than thinkers… and some people are good with emotions… and some people don’t have hearts TWO SIZES TOO SMALL.

Apparently, I am none of these because usually when my friends come to me with problems, I end up giving them a lecture about pulling themselves up by their boot straps, and getting on with life.

They, in turn, usually respond with the following:

giphy-downsized dude
You totally suck at this…

I wish I was better at this stuff sometimes. But it’s usually the case that my heightened sense of responsibility and control-freak tendencies kick in before the compassionate and empathetic parts of my brain have even warmed up.

I don’t want to push people away and I don’t want to be a jerk…

But I also get really annoyed when people act like idiots.

It’s a daily struggle peeps.


Please tell me someone else has this problem…