The following conversation may or may not have happened today.

Even though it totally did.

Child 1 to Babysitter: Babysitter! Child 2 won’t stop saying the word, “Nipple”!

Babysitter to Child 2: Child 2, don’t use that word.

Child 2 to Child 1: But you did! You punched my nipple and now my nipples hurt!

Child 1 to Child 2: Stop saying “Nipple”!

Babysitter to Child 1: Why would you punch your brother there?

Child 1 to Babysitter: I didn’t mean to punch him in the nipple…

Child 2 to Child 1 (screaming… just in case the whole neighborhood hadn’t already heard): But you did punch me in the NIPPLE! And now my NIPPLES HURT!!!

Sometimes there is not enough coffee in the world…

But hey, the entertainment value is priceless.