Bloggity Peeps…

I added another page to this here blog.

And my reasons for this are two-fold.

  1. I get a lot of questions about why and how I became Catholic.
  2. This journey to becoming Catholic has been so incredible, that I can’t stand not sharing the whole story. Because I’ve never told anyone the whole story. And in order to see the big picture of my faith journey, I need to be able to share the whole story.

So, I’ll be updating this page from time to time with additional snippets of information about my journey to the Catholic church. Which should be kind of fun and interesting… especially for me. Because I’ve never written out the whole story in chronological order… and to see how the Lord has worked this amazing story… and taken scraps of my life and woven them together into this fascinating tapestry of a faith journey… well, it should be a lot of fun to see how it all comes together.